Experiential Learning Opportunities Help Bored Youngsters Thrive in School

Frustrated parents dealing with a middle-school child who keeps getting into minor trouble may one day realize this youngster is just very bored. Many schools are simply not challenging enough for the brightest kids, especially before they reach high school and have the opportunity to take more interesting electives. The parents may start looking into Private Schools Atlanta is known for. They realize that a more experiential learning experience will be valuable for their son or daughter.

Experiential Learning

Education researchers recognized many years ago that experiential learning can be the solution for kids who act up because they’re bored with school. This type of education can convince teenagers not to drop out of high school and can reinvigorate a natural enjoyment of learning. Statistics verify that this environment is even helpful for at-risk students who have already gotten into some legal or personal trouble that has disrupted their educational progress.


This type of adolescent may benefit from the school’s emphasis on character and giving back to the community. Boys and girls of this age often thrive when they can be involved in real-world learning opportunities like volunteering in community service. Through hands-on activities in school, they begin matching their classroom instruction and book assignments with the practical usage. They start thinking more clearly about career goals and future education.

In this kind of environment, kids have the chance to learn leadership skills as they head teams and groups. They learn about democracy in the sense that each student’s opinions should be respected and openly discussed. They realize they are international citizens as well as belonging to their own nation, state and community. The parents are excited when their son or daughter comes home each afternoon and is eager to talk about the fascinating activities of the school day.

An Example

The parents may particularly like one of the Private Schools Atlanta has available, but they may also wonder whether this is a suitable option if the school is affiliated with a religious denomination. They will be glad to know that an educational facility such as Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School welcomes students of any faith and takes pride in the diversity of its student population.


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